Training. With advice from our training partner Rapid Results

As we work with our clients, one of the recurring themes is that training is a key area of focus and done well has many positive impacts. However, often, the efforts from training do not deliver the desired outcomes. We spoke to our training partner Rapid Results as to reasons why this happens and one of the key reasons is the lack of appropriate pre-training analysis and planning. The team from Rapid Results has kindly provided the following few questions you should ask when thinking about doing some training.

  • Why do you need the training? What business need is driving it?
  • What is your business purpose, vision, strategy, current objectives and values? How does the training support this?
  • What do you want people to be doing differently once the training is complete and they are back on the job? What would you see and or how would people be acting or operating differently?
  • Taking a systemic approach what else in the business may get in the way of them doing these things differently back on the job e.g. Management support, policies & procedures, lack of tools, company culture?
  • How skilled are their direct managers to support this behaviour change back on the job e.g. to be able to do effective feedback and coaching when the desired behaviour change is not demonstrated? Training is most successful when managers are skilled at following up and supporting their staff.
  • How will go get buy-in from participants and their managers before the training even starts?
  • How will you measure the success of this training?


Rapid Results is the leading premier provider of training with over 15 years of practical experience training and developing the New Zealand market and Philippines. Areas of expertise include customer service, sales, leadership, communication and dealing with difficult customers to name but a few. All courses are developed based on an ROI for the organisation with every stage of a project measurable