Steal with Pride

It could be because we are a bit “lazy”, but we prefer to call it smart and efficient. In our view, “lazy” people feel the biggest incentive to solve things in a smart and efficient manner. Hence, each time a new client challenge lands on our desk, the first questions we ask ourselves are:

–          Who has done this already before and achieved good results?

–          Where can we get information on this and benchmarks how it should be done in a world class manner?

–          Would we be able to use examples directly or with a bit of tweaking and first “test drive” whether it connects with client’s requirements and capabilities?

Of course, this approach is nothing else than preventing to reinvent the wheel. Nothing new, right?

Still, you might be surprised (or maybe not after some honest introspection) how many of us, and especially the ones that have a specific expertise, do the exact opposite, trying to devise own/original solutions all the time. This is not bad per se, as innovation needs to come from somewhere, but for 90% of the cases it is just a waste of time and client money.

So, our message is: Steal with pride where possible and where it makes sense, acknowledge the source of your “wheels” and where possible implement road tested solutions to save client time and money. This also frees up time to spend on areas where real innovations are needed or desired.