Shrug it off – No Guts No Glory

Good consultants are business partners. They do not bury you in fancy reports and strategic mumbo jumbo. Good consultants like and understand your business. They like why you do what you do. Why you are driven to get out of bed every morning. They have been there. They get it.
So how do you recognize one?
They offer to come and talk over coffee. To gauge whether there is a good fit and – even more crucial – a good feel.
Then they express the urge to come to your office, factory, job location, to talk with – and most of all listen to – your people and understand the atmosphere, culture, dynamics. Open, non judgmental.
Then they share with you what they see, hear, smell. Succinct, to the point, fair as well as honest.
They also pinpoint some low hanging fruits and estimate how much short term cash you may leave on the table by not executing them, like, now.
In short, they connect, they deliver feedback, a bang-on first assessment and a clear view on initial savings.
Before you have even spent a dime on them.
Good consultants aim for a sustainable relationship and are confident that if you have the guts to let them in (by shrugging off your natural resistance to invite outsiders into your domain), they will show you what value they can bring to your business.
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