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Some business diagnostic tools are called Instruments, Inventories, Reviews, Tests, Profiles. It’s not what you call it that matters, it’s what you do with the results.

The RapidBI BIR™ diagnostic tool is a world class approach developed over 1000s hours of by some of the leading professionals in a range of business disciplines (finance, operations, marketing, HR). The BIR™ produce’s short, effective graphical based outputs that are easy to understand and engage managers and employees alike.

Business Assessment Solution brochure

These reports are the foundation of the My Business Partner engagement and we deploy the full BIR™ solution for all clients at the start of and during the entire engagement.

If you are not a My Business Partner client you can still use our complimentary and comprehensive single assessment. The assessment will take  approximately 30 minutes to complete and you will get a detailed report e-mailed to you of where you see your business performance currently. To use the diagnostic tool click here.

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