Effective Workplace Health and Safety Management Needs an Aligned Organisational Business Culture Part Two

Business Culture Development; What to Focus On.

Creating change is not easy and it will falter without sustained leadership commitment and modifications to management systems, however, there are six fundamental steps that can be taken to support these principal requirements.


Shared Vision and Values


By creating a shared sense of purpose that unifies all participants in the strategy and actions required to achieve the affirmed goals.




Successful cultures feature high levels of direct communication incorporating open and honest conversations that adhere to recognised and practised values. Communication needs to flow throughout an organisation and encompass all relevant stakeholders.


Organisational Fit


Process, procedures and management structures must fit with the strategic and operational realities of the organisation.


Employee Growth


Employees are empowered and developed to perform to a required standard and make a positive contribution to the strategic and operational goals of the organisation.


Performance Recognition


Positive performance throughout the organisation must be formally recognised and celebrated. Emphasis is always positive to drive self and community worth and support initiative and ongoing improvement.


Embracing Change


Change is recognised as a necessity for personal, strategic and operational development and success. All stakeholders understand their roles and obligations in the function of change and trust is developed through tailored communication and collaboration.



How to Start


The first vital step is to recognise that a business culture change is necessary and what advantages it will bring to the organisation. The next is to develop for implementation a change management plan with emphasis on the support required to achieve the outcomes required. Focus needs to be placed on not over burdening existing resources with additional responsibilities that will prevent them from carrying out their primary roles or achieving the goals of the change management plan.


“Based in Waikato, Kevin is a highly experienced senior executive with over 35 years management experience in both the private and public sectors.  Kevin has successfully led significant change and performance improvement initiatives in sales, occupational health and safety management and vocational education.”